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Hinzufügen einer Funktion

Hinzufügen einer Funktion

Tomasz Cybulski
1 vor einem Monat

An object is the superior element/object/address to which you will add specific sub facility. The best way to illustrate this relationship is the situation where the primary facility is a training center, and its sub facility are: pitch no. 1, pitch no. 2, sports hall, etc.

Aby dodać nowy obiekt wejdź w lewym menu w club club facilities add facility. After clicking on the link, you will be moved to the facility addition form.


In the form you have some important fields to complete. The first one is to choose the type of facility. You can choose between stadium, training centre, school, etc. The next field to be completed is the facility name and description. Then specify whether the facility belongs to the club, if you have to select a contact person if not, enter the details of the facility owner and contact person. In the last step, complete the full, exact address of the facility you are entering into the system.