Adding a player

Adding a player

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

To add players, select from the left menu diary players add new player. In the next step you will go to the new player adding form. If a player is already in the system, you can search him in the search engine and thus add him to your team. However, if he is not in the system yet, create him by giving a name, e-mail and date of birth. If you want the player to have access to the system, also give him a login and password by clicking on the grey checkbox.

If you have entered the player's email and checked the grey checkbox, the player's login and password will be sent to the email address you entered. Remember never to add a parent email to the player's account. Once used, the email cannot be used to activate another account, e.g. a parent account.

In addition to the basic data of the player, you can also add data on nationality, gender, date of birth or even phone. In dedicated versions of the system, you will have the possibility to enter other personal data, such as address of residence or insurance validity date.