Fatigue analysis

Configuration of notifications

Configuration of notifications

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The first step to start working with the fatigue analysis module is to configure the moment when the mobile application is to notify the player about the necessity to complete a well-being survey (daily measurement) and post-training or post-match fatigue surveys. To go to the notification configurator, from the left menu choose diary team diary settings. These settings can also be set globally for the club from the administrator's level, then from the team level, as a coach you can decide whether you want to inherit the global club settings or enter individual settings for your team.


The configuration of notifications is based on the three types of them. In case of a daily survey, you have the following options in the selection field of the days the player is going to be notified: off, daily, on training days + day after, only on training days or only on days after training. For post-match and post-training fatigue analysis you have two options to send the notification: after each match/training or after the last match/training of the day. Moreover, you need to set the notification time (daily test) and the time in minutes after the workout/match. After completing the data in all fields, click on the blue "save" button.